Garden Safety: Slip and Fall Prevention in Winter

It’s paramount to consider garden safety now that Winter is Coming!  Are you prepared?  Winter months are busy times that force people to contend with shorter days, cold and freezing temperatures, and unpredictable driving conditions.  The last thing you want to worry about is being stuck in your house because snow and ice has blocked your access in and out.  This is where you can rely on West Coast Lawns and Gardens and our Slip and Fall Prevention program.

In the spirit of garden safety, we have set up to attend your home and clear snow from your sidewalks and pathways to make sure you can come and go safely.  Our package includes our crew attending your property following any snow event this season and shoveling clear your front walk and city curbside that is legally required to be cleared by a homeowner.  We do shovels and manual labor to make sure we can access all pathways and grades that heavy equipment may not be able to handle.  We have a limited number of crews to dispatch to make sure we attend and can be depended on to show up no matter the conditions.

Did you know that in a snow event it is the responsibility of the homeowner to clear the city sidewalk for people going by?  Municipalities do not have the resources to clear a sidewalk after every snowfall so they have made it the legal obligation of homeowners to perform this task.  If you do not have this area cleared after a snowfall the municipalities bylaw officers could levy a fine, or worse if a slip and fall injury occurs on an uncleared sidewalk the homeowner could be held liable in court.

Every shovel clearing job comes with included premium-natural eco friendly Ice Melter to ensure ice does not reform after our service.  This product is safe for plants and pets, we make sure we are not harming the environment around the areas we clear.  You will be left with a cleared and non slippery pathway for people coming and going.  You will get your mail, deliveries and be able to get out to your car or bus if needed.

You never know what mother nature is going to throw at you so be prepared and call West Coast Lawns and Gardens to get a spot on our call out list today. We have pre-paid packages for sale to ensure we will be at the ready to attend, and in the event of a snow all our service is 100% refundable towards the purchase of 2018 Landscape Products.  Get set up so we can take care of you today!

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