Gardening Tips for the Avid and Busy Gardener

3 Key Gardening Tips from our Professional Gardeners

Your life is too hectic to maintain the garden that you love yet you feel left out when professional gardeners come and do it all. You love your garden and it is your peaceful time – your solace. You need the help of professional gardeners to save you time but will miss getting out in your garden. What should you do? Well, why not have both?

Though professional gardening services are the right way to go to keep your grounds well-maintained, there are some things that you can do to help your plants stay happy and healthy while the gardening service is away. Everyone wants healthy plants and grounds to look the best that they possibly can, with these tips, you can do your part between professional lawn service visits, to insure your plants are well cared for and in top performance.

1. Prune

It is important to keep up with pruning. Pruning smaller plants on a regular basis can help them live longer, improving their longevity. Roses, and edible plants need regular pruning to keep them blooming and producing at their best.  Some plants require regular pruning to help them produce fruits and blooms.  Pruning is essential to cut down on diseases that can kill your plants.  It is an ongoing process that requires time and diligence. It is also therapeutic to us as it helps to reduce daily stress in our lives!

2. Guard Against Frost

When the weather turns mild, our thoughts tend to turn to gardening and to the maintenance of our yards. Just don’t let the pleasant weather fool you to seed too soon. Make sure that all frosts are behind you before you proceed with your serious planting. You can also ask your professional lawn service team when would be the best time to begin your planting and if there are any more frosts on the horizon.

3. Plant Bee Pleasing Varieties

Planting flowers like lavender will help to keep bees in your yard which will in turn help to pollinate your other plants. Purple Coneflower, Goldenrod, and Black-Eyed Susans are also wonderful flowers to attract bees to your garden. They also add beautiful color and provide many aesthetic qualities to enhance your landscape! By planting these among your other plants, you can attract the much-needed bees to your yard that will keep your flowering plants blooming all season long.

These are only a few of the simple ways that you can help to keep your garden fabulous in between gardener visits. There are many more. You can also ask your lawn care service provider for more tips and strategies that you can employ to make your yard the best that it can possibly be!

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