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Hedge Trimming – It’s the Best Season To Do It Now Before Winter


The middle of summer has many projects that can be scheduled for the coming months.  One of the big tasks of every season is maintenance trimming on hedges and trees around your property.  Now is a great time to schedule a hedge trim as we have cooler weather coming up and the plants will have enough time to harden off cut wounds and prepare for winter.  Call West Coast Lawns and Gardens to set up a hedge trim today.


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Late summer and fall is a great time to trim hedges for cost savings as well.  Hedges will typically grow aggressively through the summer months and less so through the fall and winter.  As a result, trimming a hedge at this time of year will maintained a trimmed look often all through the winter and well into next spring.  Following this schedule can often set up hedges to be trimmed once a season and save repeating the same service multiple times. Trimming a hedge properly before winter can also prevent or mitigate winter damage that can cost big dollars for repair or replacement.  It is important to make sure a hedge is in the correct proportion so that it does not collect a snow load larger than it can handle.


For more formal landscapes, hedges should also be maintained several times per year.  These higher end appearances can be kept looking polished by a monthly lighter trimming that makes sure lines and contours are kept tight an level.  Boxwoods, cedars, yew, laurels and many others can all be trained into very elegant and refined shapes with regular maintenance.  It takes professional knowledge to know which species of plants will work with different types of trimming as well as what is the best time of year to do the work.  For instance, you want to avoid heavy trimming on hedges that might have just set blooms for next season, or trimming off foliage before the leaves turn for the fall.


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West Coast Lawns and Gardens has all the ladders, safety gear, trimmers, pruners and staff needed to tame any hedge project big or small.  We can take the maintenance off your hands for you or just handle a large trim once a year that is a bigger project than you want to take on.  Let us handle the heavy lifting by booking an estimate for a trim in the coming weeks!