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Hedge Trimming in Vancouver

It is not just your lawns and gardens that need maintenance, your hedges, and trees also need on-going care.

Hedge Trimming in Vancouver

Trimming Your Hedges

Keeping your hedges trimmed is like putting a beautiful frame around your yard, driveway, and gardens. Trees and hedges help define your landscape, from other homes in the area and sometimes they even help to keep wild blackberry bushes and other aggressive natural plants from invading your yard.

No matter what type of hedge you have – cypress, cedar, laurel, spruce, boxwood, or myrtle, we have the experience to trim and deliver exceptional results. Hedge trimming can be dangerous when the hedges are high. So, we use special equipment for hedge cutting in Vancouver to ensure both safety on the ground and up the ladder. Our unique shearing tools allow us to create straight lines that add to your yard’s overall beauty.

Cutting Bushes & Flowering Trees in Vancouver

Trimming Bushes And Flowering Trees

Many bushes and trees need to be trimmed back every year. For example, once lilacs trees are more than two years old, they require annual pruning. Once the trees have bloomed, they need pruning as the new buds start to form in the summer. If you do not trim lilac trees, they will become “leggy” and only grow flowers on the top of the branches.

Do you know what trees need pruning in your yard?

If not, that’s the perfect reason to call us for hedge trimming service in Vancouver. West Coast Lawns & Gardens has the expertise you can count on to keep your bushes and trees trimmed and sheared year-round.

Removing Dead Branches And Old Growth

Trees: Removing Dead Branches And Old Growth

Trees may need their branches pruned so that there is healthy air flow and no crossed branches. This helps to make sure the tree is receiving sufficient sunlight throughout its foliage.

Trees in your yard may need to be trimmed for all kinds of reasons. Perhaps your yard has low hung electrical wires, or there are diseased branches, or a tree has grown into an unusual shape.

Trimming the tree back, is like taking the tree back to its original organic blueprint. Our hedge trimming service professionals in Vancouver know what to look for and where to cut. This takes experience and knowledge that the average homeowner often does not possess.

If you are unsure of your trees’ health and needs, now is the perfect time to call us. We can come out and visit your property and give you an estimate quickly. We look forward to hearing from you!

FAQs on Hedge Trimming in Vancouver

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to trim hedges?

No, we specialize in routine maintenance and softscape garden projects.  We work at being the best company for all your lawn care and garden maintenance needs.

Can a hedge-cutting service also provide maintenance services like fertilization or pest control?

Where many companies provide an hourly rate for service, our customers receive a guaranteed fixed price to take care of all their services.  This cost certainty allows our customers to be confident that we will provide great service on a guaranteed budget.  Most customers are on a fixed monthly plan with the average cost for service being between $300 and $600 per month depending on the property.

Is there a particular time of year when hedge cutting is best?

We spend a lot of time being organized to provide guaranteed service dates.  Our team is usually available within 1-2 weeks depending on the time of year.  Once you book with our service our job dates are guaranteed.  We send email confirmation the day before and always show up on time.  No more wondering when your lawn and garden contractor is going to show up.

How often should hedges be trimmed?

First you must identify the type of hedge that you want to trim.  This will dictate your ability to cut it back and how much of a reduction is necessary.  Some plants will endure a heavy cut and others need to be treated more delicately.  Once you know what plant you are dealing with, use sharp, well maintained trimming tools to cut the plant back.  You should cut the plant back to where it has space to grow for the next year.  Then you can maintain the hedge at that size each year and keep the plant healthy by not removing too much plant material.