Landscaping with Succulents

3 Reasons for Succulent Landscaping

When we think of our plant options for our landscaping projects, succulents are often overlooked. However, more and more modern landscapers are choosing succulents (also known as “fat plants”) for their many benefits in the world of aesthetic floral display.

Succulents are beautiful. They are exotic and standout as different amongst spaces filled with similar themed plants.  They are the perfect choice for professional landscaping design for many different reasons and they have become more and more popular in modern landscape settings as people begin to notice them and their many benefits.

1. Their Size

Many succulent varieties are small and compact making them the perfect size for many floral displays in small and tight places. They can be bundled together and planted close to one another to create a fantastic array of pleasing colors and shapes. Due to their size, they are highly desirable as they are very versatile and can be planted nearly anywhere you desire. They are also really cool when planted in groups displaying an array or colors and sizes that are nearly hypnotic.

2. Variety

Succulents are just beautiful! They come in vibrant colors and fascinating textures and shapes that keep the eye trained to them as we soak in their beauty. Their texture and feel is perhaps the most unique aspect these plants bring to landscape designs.  They inject a feeling of “different” and can be extremely versatile.  With these little plants, you are only limited by your imagination as they will grow in nearly any type of planter or surface. They will grow together or apart and will grow in any sunny location.

3. Low Maintenance

Succulents belong to the cactus family and as such require very little maintenance and water. This makes them the perfect alternative to plants that require a large amount of time and attention not to mention water during a time of water conservation. It is very hard to kill a succulent! These little beauties are very nearly self-reliant requiring only sunlight and sporadic watering. As long as they are kept in sunny locations, they only need watering about once a week in summer and only about once a month in the winter time!

Succulents have come a long way in proving themselves as reliable alternatives to other colorful plants. Their vibrant hues and easy care make them a desired plant in many landscaping installations and puts them at the top of the desired list when designing your landscaping map.

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