Vancouver Mid Season Strata Landscaping Service Assessment

It is now reaching the peak of summer and we are all heading outside to enjoy the nice weather.   It is several months into the growing season your lawn and garden should be baring the fruits of all the time and effort you have put in to this point.  If it is not looking the way you want it right now, it is perhaps time to in enlist some professional consultation in the steps that need to be taken.  West Coast Lawns and Gardens has the knowledge and manpower to get you where you need to be.

Vancouver Strata Garden Maintenance Service Company

July and August is also a great time to get a barometer on how your strata landscaping company is taking care of the grounds.  At this point in the year you should be caught up after any spring cleanup and remediation of any winter damage.  Lawns should be treated and fertilized and looking green and uniform.  Gardens should be weeded and spring trimming completed and annuals in the ground.  If any of these are deficiencies in your landscape right now it is worth a call to see what is the plan to get caught up.

A professional strata landscaping company is prepared for everything the season brings.  West Coast Lawns and Gardens can help rescue a situation that is not what it should be in many ways:

  • We have a fully staffed call center and team of office administration to service your inquiries all year. You get a live person answering to help answer your questions and can dispatch our team of professionals to take care of your gardens.  No more voicemails that go unreturned or emails that get ignored and shuffled aside.
  • A full team of landscape leaders that can add service to a schedule at any time of the season. If you need a specific issue taken care of in your maintenance schedule our cloud based work order system can live update our crews work orders.  We can prioritise and get to any maintenance issue usually within a week’s time.  We are also able to add new customers and projects as the season goes on as well.
  • Proactive problem solving and professional expertise. Our team includes many Red Seal Certified Landscape Horticulturists and Apprentices who have many years of experience and education in landscape management.  If we don’t have an answer to your landscaping questions we have a large network of expertise to draw on to come up with a solution for you.
  • Constant communication and detailed work summary. Our Customer Relationship Software gives every client a notification of when we are coming and can send them pictures of the completed work.  If you don’t have time or energy to keep up with what your landscaping dollars are getting you, we can serve it to you with instant updates and follow up with complete detailed billing.

Strata Landscape Design and Garden Maintenance Services

If landscape management is becoming more work for you than it should be give West Coast Lawns and Gardens a call at 604-377-7124.  We have the to take the hassle out of the process and make it easy for you to enjoy positive feedback from your neighbours and time spent relaxing outdoors.

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