The Mighty Retaining Wall

Retaining Walls & Landscape Design

Retaining walls are prominent features in many landscapes. They can be functional necessities, but also provide amazing opportunities for creativity in professional landscaping.  Walls can create panoramic views, private backyard settings, solve erosion and drainage issues, add square footage to patios and parking areas, improve accessibility, and have many other purposes.  How is all this done?

Well, to put it simply, retaining walls are structures that hold back the soil. They are supportive structures. They are used when there is a desire to change ground elevations or when soil must be held back due to safety issues. Retaining walls provide a support to keep soil in place.

A properly built retaining wall is first and foremost a functional solution.  Where elevations change, rainwater runoff will always be an issue.  It is important to provide spaces for landscapes to be constructed that allows for proper water channeling, erosion control and geotechnical support.  If these issues are not dealt with properly a landscape will begin to deteriorate quickly as water and erosion change the grades and elevations at the whim of mother nature.  Once solved, retaining wall structures can allow space for supremely creative landscapes to be installed that allow a property to take on its on natural identity.

Retaining walls are not only functional but also very pleasing to the eye as they breakup a monotonous landscape by creating different elevations and useable spaces.  They can be made of concrete blocks, poured concrete, timbers, rocks or large boulders. Retaining walls can further enhance the value of your home and maximize your space giving you more room for your creativity to shine. They can be beautifully placed to create patios, staggered garden beds, hidden grottos for fountain settings, and immaculate looking landscaping alternatives. Lights can be placed within these walls, as well as built-in benches and planters for peaceful yet sophisticated look.

At West Coast Lawns & Gardens, we know about designing and installing retaining walls. When you should install one and how it should be done is our business, and we look forward to working with you to create a space that you will enjoy year after year.

Contact us on the online and let us help you install or asses your existing wall to get you in top shape for your up and coming spring and summer celebrations.

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