We’re Named Vancouver’s Best Top 3 Lawn and Garden Companies

 Vancouver’s Best Top 3 Lawn And Garden Companies

West Coast Lawns and Gardens has been named one of North Vancouver’s top three lawn and garden companies. We feel very honoured to be included in this elite group, especially considering the amount of options available to consumers in the Greater Vancouver area.  We strive to be the best each day and it is great to be recognized for our efforts because it means we are making our customers happy.

Why West Coast Lawns and Gardens Named Vancouver’s Best Top 3 Lawn and Garden Company

There are several simple things we do that make us stand out from the competition.  First of all, we have made a commitment to keep high quality maintenance as a top priority for our service.  This means keeping tens of thousands of smaller jobs organized, on schedule and run efficiently for our customers.  We must pair this with in depth knowledge of horticulture science and employee training.  We must also maintain detailed work records, and be responsive to customer requests in a timely manner to make sure our service is the best it can be.

To accomplish all of this it means we need lots of good people to help.  We have a large team of people ready to help with all your needs so you will never be left without the attention your yard needs.  It starts with our team of horticulturists who can support you and each other.  When you are being serviced by a team of people you always have someone there to make sure the grass gets cut on schedule or the gardens don’t become overgrown. Many smaller firms provide great service but fall short when an owner/operator might get injured, go on vacation, or move to another city.  With our large and growing staff, we will always have personnel to give your landscape the attention it needs.

We Have Fully Staffed Office To Respond To Your Calls

We also have a fully staffed office and call center to respond to requests for service from new and existing customers.  Our commitment is to always be accessible to the consumer and we do this by providing a dedicated sales rep to every customer, have a fully staffed call center with a live person answering the phone, and timely response to quote requests and customer meetings.  We do not want our customers to have to deal with a contractor that is too busy mowing a lawn to pick up the phone or has too much work to be able to add service.  Our company can take care of all your needs and help you with them as they change over time.

Call West Coast Lawns and Garden for All Your Gardening Needs

If you want to have the best yard on the block, give West Coast Lawns and Gardens a call.  We are being recognized for the great customer service we can provide and we can be there to help you too!



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