Natural Weed Control: Get Rid of Weeds Safely and Effectively

How to Get Rid of Weeds Naturally, Safely, and Effectively

As any gardener knows, weeds are a true menace to your work and can steal space and nutrients away from healthy plants. They seem to grow three times as fast as your more worthwhile plants and will choke out your well-planned garden if you are not careful and diligent about their removal. Weeds can grow over-night and in places that you do not see until they have become a major problem.  However, there are many ways to win the battle against weeds.

In turf, the best solution is to have strong healthy grass.  A thick stand of turf will not allow weeds space to absorb sunlight and germinate, pushing their way into a healthy lawn.  If you have weeds in your lawn, the issue is likely in the soil.  Weak or neglected soil can allow conditions for weeds to proliferate.  Often just getting into a regular lawn care maintenance program with aeration, fertilizing, topdressing, overseeding will take care of the bulk of your weed problems — both by preventing weeds and by controlling them.

If the weeds are out of control you can look at starting from scratch with a brand new lawn installation on properly cared for soil, or there are also several natural weed control solutions on the market that may be appropriate. It is important to know what weeds are growing, and why when determining a proper solution.

In gardens the soil is often the “root” of the problem with weeds.  Weeds will be a magnet for open space in soil, taking over any room left unattended in a garden.  A little garden design and planning can vastly decrease the amount of work required to keep your garden weed free.  Firstly, planting densely with site appropriate shrubs will take up much of the space that weeds can thrive in.

Also, a regular mulch installation (every 2 years min) will create barrier between weed seeds in the soil and sunlight that makes them germinate.  Keeping a healthy layer of mulch over open soil will prevent weeds from thriving.  It is important to know what weeds you are dealing with when making a plan.  Some weeds can be so resilient they may require major excavation to properly be rid of them.

At West Coast Lawns & Gardens in Vancouver BC we have dealt with removing and controlling many types of weeds.  We have the experience and knowledge to advise you on the best course of action to get the weeds under control an and give you a landscape you love!

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