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Strata Managers in Vancouver

We make you look good. We make sure complaints are minimized and compliments maximized – because we know you and we know your property. You can count on it because we have the record keeping that makes it happen.

  • We take videos of the property
  • We take site notes each time we visit.
  • We report back to you “what we have done” in a single visit – so you are in the loop.
  • You can present our digital data to your strata council.

Strata Landscaping Maintenance

We Exceed Expectations

You might not be getting everything you need out of your current landscaping company. Watch our informative video to learn how West Coast Lawns & Gardens raises the bar.

We are a member of CHOA!

“CHOA is a consumer based non-profit association that promotes the understanding of strata property living and the interests of strata property owners.“

West Coast Lawns & Gardens is proud to be a part of CHOA’s trusted group of business members.

Year-Long Lawn and Gardening Services

You want a condo property that your residents can enjoy year-round. We want to help that dream be an everyday reality.  It starts with a free consultation, and a walk around your strata property.  Then we create a personalized plan that addresses your strata’s needs. It may include one or all the following services.

  • soil cultivation
  • fertilizers and pest control
  • seasonal planting and design suggestions
  • complete lawn care
  • hand weeding
  • soil and mulch applications.


Services Provided Property with
Property with
Property with
Lawn & Garden
Cleanup/Yard Tidying
Dependable Service
Before & After Photos
Equalized Payments
Detailed Billing
Debris Removal
Shovel Pathways
Salt Pathways
Litter Pickup
Blow Driveway
Debris Disposal
Inspect/Clean Driveway Grates
Hedging N/A
Winterize Perennials N/A
Horticultural Pruning N/A
Weeding N/A
Weekly Mowing N/A
Lawn Edging N/A
Turf Overseeding N/A
Lawn Aeration N/A
Turf Fertilizer N/A
Limestone Application N/A
Weed Control N/A
Moss Control N/A
Chafer Beetle Prevention N/A

Additional Enhancements

Plant Install
Moving Trees / Shrubs

Bulb Installation
Slip & Fall Prevention Package

Tree Removal
Mulch Installation


Regular mowing and trimming is a great way to keep your property’s lawn neat, lush, weed-free and flourishing throughout the changing seasons. Each lawn is unique, so upon a preliminary evaluation, we will draw up a personalized lawn care plan. From there we will make site notes and take photos after each visit, so you stay in the loop and will know what we have done even when you are not there.


Whether you want to convert empty, barren areas to lush green grass, or are looking for an instant transformation to your current exhausted lawn, sod installation may be your answer. Depending on the size and extent of preparation required, we can have a new, crisp lawn installed in just a couple of days.


Not only will we help you attain the calibre of lawn that makes your neighbour’s heads turn but we will help you keep it that way. Below, find a few examples of the types of seasonal maintenance packages that we offer to keep your lawn looking great. However, as always, your lawn is unique, so after a personal consultation, we can create custom packages that suit your expectations and budget:

  • Lawn cutting, trimming, and blowing every 7 or 14 days. 
  • Spring conditioning programs (e.g., aeration, lime, and fertilizer).
  • Multi-Season programs (e.g., 4 seasonal fertilizers, 2 lime applications, 2 core aerations, 1 over-seeding, 1 moss control and 1 weed control application.) You choose what works for you!

Extensive overhaul programs (e.g., moss and weed controls, power raking, over-seeding, top-dressing and fertilizers, lime, aeration, etc. as required).

“These crews truly care about my yard. They attend to things I do not even know need attention.  In the end it saves me time and money.”     ~ David Smyth

FAQs on Strata Managers in Vancouver

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Strata Landscaping Maintenance?

No, we specialize in routine maintenance and softscape garden projects.  We work at being the best company for all your lawn care and garden maintenance needs.

Are there any eco-friendly options for garden maintenance?

Where many companies provide an hourly rate for service, our customers receive a guaranteed fixed price to take care of all their services.  This cost certainty allows our customers to be confident that we will provide great service on a guaranteed budget.  Most customers are on a fixed monthly plan with the average cost for service being between $300 and $600 per month depending on the property.

What services are included & does it cover all my landscape needs?

We spend a lot of time being organized to provide guaranteed service dates.  Our team is usually available within 1-2 weeks depending on the time of year.  Once you book with our service our job dates are guaranteed.  We send email confirmation the day before and always show up on time.  No more wondering when your lawn and garden contractor is going to show up.

Are there any seasonal considerations for lawn & garden maintenance?

First you must identify the type of hedge that you want to trim.  This will dictate your ability to cut it back and how much of a reduction is necessary.  Some plants will endure a heavy cut and others need to be treated more delicately.  Once you know what plant you are dealing with, use sharp, well maintained trimming tools to cut the plant back.  You should cut the plant back to where it has space to grow for the next year.  Then you can maintain the hedge at that size each year and keep the plant healthy by not removing too much plant material.