Summer Watering Landscaping in North Vancouver

Summer is here and we need to start thinking about hydrating the landscape.  Every plant in nature needs water and it helps a lot to put some thought into watering efficiently.  Here are some tips for watering to get the best results, save you time and effort, as well as conserve water. 

1. Plan your Lawn and Garden

Plan your lawn and garden according to how plants will need to be maintained. Every plant has a specific amount of water that it needs to thrive.  It makes a lot of sense to group plants with similar requirements together.  That way you can give plants that need a lot of water what they need without drowning a drought tolerant plant that is growing right next to it.  It is possible to over water as much as it is to underwater, which is also wasteful.  You can choose your plants and use strategies like limiting the size of turf areas to match your ability to properly irrigate your landscape.

2. Check the Soil

Check out the soil you are watering as well. If you are low on topsoil you must water more frequently, but likely for less duration as the soil can only hold so much water.  It is like having a small bar fridge vs a huge double door family style refrigerator.  The small fridge wont take as much water to fill up, but must be filled more often.

3. Automated Irrigation System

Consider adding an automated irrigation system. These systems are often able to water more efficiently (waste less water) which can be a big cost savings if you live in a community that meters water consumption.  It can also free up ton’s of time of having to remember to move hoses around.  Also, you don’t risk losing valuable plants if you forget to water.  If you can’t afford a fully automated system you can also get timers and hoses at hardware stores but these are less reliable and often need to be set up across areas of you yard that you wish to use for other things

4. Follow Vancouver Water Restrictions for the Summer

Follow the watering restrictions. In metro Vancouver watering restrictions are in effect every summer season.  There are a few things to know about these:

  • Stage one water restrictions are basically just to make sure people are watering without wasting. At stage one you are ONLY restricted on the opportunity to water LAWN AREAS.  Residents can water their gardens as much or as often as they want.  The restrictions limit watering on certain days in the early morning hours only.  Specifics can be found here:
  • Stages 2-4 are when extended drought conditions begin to occur. It is important to follow these restrictions as well as lack of rainfall can threaten our potable water supply.

5. Contact Lawn and Garden Professionals

For more information on lawn and garden maintenance in Vancouvercontact West Coast Lawns and Gardens, we can provide and get a quote for all your landscaping design and installation needs at

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