Understanding Vancouver Chafer Beetle Infestation & Control

One Tiny Beetle to Create Such Devastation

The Chafer Beetle, scientifically known as Rhizotrogus Majalis, has become and annual menace to Vancouver BC and Greater Vancouver local areas. This tannish brown beetle resembles a June bug yet measures only 1.5 centimeters in length. For such a little tyrant, it creates an immense problem for many lawn owners in the region. Vancouver, and its outlying areas have had a devastating problem with the chafer beetle over the years. Many lawns have been ruined on private and public lands and control of this Beetle is now part of regular lawn maintenance.

These little pests have a life-cycle of one year and they reproduce rather in large numbers creating a whole legion of beetles and their grubs every year. Chafer beetles cause a two-fold damage to yards and landscapes. The grubs feed upon the tender roots of different plants and grasses, killing lawns and foliage. Whole areas of turf and plant beds can be destroyed by these little guys. Secondly, what plants are left after they are done eating, are dug up by local wildlife as they forage for the larva to eat. Many residents have a horrible time with raccoons,skunks and birds as they rip into lawns looking for larvae and grubs.

Control of Chafer Beetles

As our thoughts turn to spring time planting, Chafer beetle grubs are getting bigger and eating more. Spring and Fall are the seasons that see most of this beetles activities.  Once lawns are infested, It is very difficult to get rid of the grubs and often a homeowner doesn’t realize they have a problem until the problem cannot be controlled. They have frustrated many gardeners as they have had to completely re-seed or re-turf their lawns after Chafer Beetles show up. Control of Chafer beetles is extremely time sensitive.  West Coast Lawns and Gardens has had excellent success rates using safe, all-natural controls however these must be applied in mid summer and watered in properly.  Planning for control applications should be happening in April or May at the latest.

Vancouver Chafer Beetle Control Specialists

So, how can you tell if you have a Chafer Beetle infestation? You can spend months digging up one square foot samples of your yard and comparing them to see if you find any grubs, but instead of ruining your yard taking samples, why not call West Coast Lawns & Gardens for specialized Chafer Beetle Control.

West Coast Lawns & Gardens will come out and see if you have chafer beetles. If you do, we can create a pest management program to minimize if not completely prevent damage from occurring in the future, as well as repair any problems that have already happened.

Visit our website at www.westcoastlawns.ca, send us a message online or give us a call at 604 377-7124 and we can help you get rid of these little pests for good!

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