To Mulch or Not to Mulch

What is mulch and why is it important?

To mulch or not to mulch?  What exactly is mulch and why is it so important to the yard?  Why is it beneficial and is it truly an important step or can I get by without it? Is it just for decoration or does it serve another purpose beyond the aesthetic? Question after question goes through the yard owners mind as they begin to set up their yard to spring and summer planting. Is mulch important to my yard?

The answer is yes. Mulch is highly beneficial to our soil, plants and yard. Mulching is a vital step in the growth and health of our plants. General mulch is comprised of dead leaves, twigs, discarded wood chippings, and other plant debris. These organic materials break down to feed the soil. They encourage better plant growth and help to regulate the temperature of the soil in hot and cold climates so plants do not go into distress. Mulches insulate and protect your soil. It also helps to keep the soil moist for your plants and conserves water keeping the moisture in, so the soil does not bake and crack.

Mulches also regulate the force of the rain upon your tender roots and stems. They help to irrigate the water which helps to prevent erosion and the compact and hardness of your dirt. Mulch also helps to cut down on weed growth through your plant beds. It is also aesthetically pleasing and offers a rich contrast to your vibrant plant colors. There are different mulches on the market to choose from. Mulches are made from different composts. For this reason, it is important to get expert advice on which mulch to use according you’re your individual soils make up. Soils are not the same. Each yard is different with its own mineral composition. It is important to know your soils mineral makeup to provide the best much to supply your soil with the minerals that it needs.

By contacting a professional lawn maintenance company, like West Coast Lawns and Gardens in Vancouver BC, you can get the expert advice that you need by experts in the field of lawn and garden maintenance.

We also offer a mulching service that will get you right mulch you need and even lay it down for you, getting you and right track for the up and coming spring planting season.

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