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Yard Maintenance in Vancouver

Soils And Mulches

Taking Care Of Your Earth

Soils And Mulches

For your yard to continue to grow year after year, we often need to work from the ground up. Soils become depleted and they need the addition of new soil and fertilizers to help your plants, lawns, and garden grow well. Mulches can be added to the soil both as a winter covering to protect plants and bulbs, but also when it decomposes it adds nutrients back into the earth. There are so many different types to consider: composted mulch, mushroom manure, bark nuggets – to name just a few. Does your soil need to be replenished and strengthened? Call us today for yard maintenance in West Vancouver, and we can schedule a visit to your yard.

Removing unwanted weeds

Keeping things from becoming overgrown

Removing unwanted weeds

To keep your plants healthy it is important to eliminate competition from weeds and other plants that steal nutrients, crowd the garden and leave an untidy look.  When you have us booked on a regular yard maintenance program we will remove all weeds before they get a foothold and really take over.  Being ahead of weeds when they go to flower saves lots of time and effort as well as always leaving a polished appearance.  Our experienced staff will identify problem plants and make sure they are not left to root in your garden.

Leaf and debris cleanup

Clearing the mess 

Leaf and debris cleanup

During the season nature is constantly depositing leaves, branches and debris into yards and gardens.  Our regular visits ensure that there is no unattractive buildup of mess or debris.  At certain times of year this is a massive task that our team can be on top of for you, and also keep up with maintenance as litter and debris shows up.  If you don’t want to have to worry about calling someone any time there is a wind storm, set up a repeat service with West Coast Lawns and Gardens to ensure your garden always looks cared for.

Seasonal Pruning

Trimming at the right time for results

Seasonal Pruning

Pruning is an ongoing activity that is to be done with care and attention.  Trimming and cutting back plants needs to be done at the correct time of year and made with proper training in horticulture practices.  To make sure plants flower their best each year and are the correct size and shape for their space our staff can take care of the planning and execution of proper pruning maintenance to make your neighbors jealous of how nice your outdoor space looks.

FAQs on Yard Maintenance in Vancouver

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I fertilize my lawn?

No, we specialize in routine maintenance and softscape garden projects.  We work at being the best company for all your lawn care and garden maintenance needs.

What services are included in yard maintenance?

Where many companies provide an hourly rate for service, our customers receive a guaranteed fixed price to take care of all their services.  This cost certainty allows our customers to be confident that we will provide great service on a guaranteed budget.  Most customers are on a fixed monthly plan with the average cost for service being between $300 and $600 per month depending on the property.

How can I ensure my yard stays healthy throughout the year?

We spend a lot of time being organized to provide guaranteed service dates.  Our team is usually available within 1-2 weeks depending on the time of year.  Once you book with our service our job dates are guaranteed.  We send email confirmation the day before and always show up on time.  No more wondering when your lawn and garden contractor is going to show up.

Can yard maintenance be customized to my specific needs?

First you must identify the type of hedge that you want to trim.  This will dictate your ability to cut it back and how much of a reduction is necessary.  Some plants will endure a heavy cut and others need to be treated more delicately.  Once you know what plant you are dealing with, use sharp, well maintained trimming tools to cut the plant back.  You should cut the plant back to where it has space to grow for the next year.  Then you can maintain the hedge at that size each year and keep the plant healthy by not removing too much plant material.