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Lawn Maintenance in Vancouver

The one thing all people could use is more time. Time to enjoy the family and time to work on the things you love. If lawn maintenance is not one of those tasks for you, we can help. West Coast Lawns and Gardens specializes in year-round lawn care for the greater Vancouver area. We love to get your yard on a seasonal cycle that keeps your lawn healthy and not overgrown or starved for nutrients. Here’s what we offer through the seasons.

Spring Garden Maintenance in Vancouver


Start off in the Spring with a lawn aeration and fertilization. This is what the lawn needs after a long, cold winter. The ground needs to be broken up so the earth can breathe and feed.

Spring time is also lime time. Adding lime to the ground helps to increase the soil’s pH and decrease acidity. Here on the West Coast, heavy rains can drop the pH of the soil and cause it to turn acidic. Liming helps return the soil to a balanced pH where growth is promoted. This sets up your lawn for success.

Summer Lawn Maintenance in Vancouver


Once we give your lawn a healthy start, we support and maintain the lawn with regular lawn mowing and edging services. You can also add services such as: moss control, power raking and special attention for control of the European Chafer Beetle.  We can keep your lawn healthy and green all season.

Garden Maintenance in Vancouver at Fall


Mowing your lawns, raking up fallen leaves and adding mulch or soil around your yard are just some of the many tasks that help to put your lawn and garden to bed for the winter. Once we remove all the dead leaves and debris, we haul it away for recycling.

Turf And Sod. Need A New Lawn? There Are Options.

A lawn can be created by leveling your yard and laying down fresh topsoil. Then the yard can be seeded and fenced while your lawn grows in. Or today you can have it done in one day when we use fresh full-grown sod. This material comes to you rolled up and ready to roll out for an instant green lawn. It’s a miraculous transformation in just a few hours. Whatever way you prefer, we are here to deliver quality lawn maintenance results in North Vancouver every time.


We have a variety of lawn service packages in Vancouver to meet your needs. Whether you want us to come once a season, once a month or once a week – we are happy to discuss your needs and give you a free personalized quote.

Lawn Health Care Package Sale

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These Packages are programs that include all the services you need for your lawn to be healthy and green all year.

Our 3 packages are:

Bronze (8 Services)

starts at $999

  • x1 Double core aeration (Spring service increase drainage and nutrient uptake)
  • x2 Limestone Corrective application (correct and maintain soil acidity level)
  • x3 Turf Fertilizer Application
  • x2 Overseeding (increase and maintain grass density)
  • 4 visits total

Silver (11 Services)

starts at $1,399

  • x3 Weed Control (natural herbicide for broadleaf weeds) 
  • Also includes: all services from Bronze Package
  • 7 visits total

Gold (13 Services)

starts at $1,749

  • x1 Grub Gone application (summer control to reduce chafer beetle grubs)
  • x1 Additional Turf Fertilizer Application 
  • Also includes: all services from Silver Package
  • 8 visits total

Prices based on a lawn size of 1000 square feet or less. Packages are paid in full with the exception of those for our monthly maintenance plans. We are happy to set up an appointment with a sales rep to meet you on your property and discuss the best options to suit your needs.

FAQs on Lawn Maintenance in Vancouver

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prevent weeds from growing on my lawn?

No, we specialize in routine maintenance and softscape garden projects.  We work at being the best company for all your lawn care and garden maintenance needs.

What services are typically included in a lawn care package?

Where many companies provide an hourly rate for service, our customers receive a guaranteed fixed price to take care of all their services.  This cost certainty allows our customers to be confident that we will provide great service on a guaranteed budget.  Most customers are on a fixed monthly plan with the average cost for service being between $300 and $600 per month depending on the property.

Can I customize my lawn maintenance plan?

We spend a lot of time being organized to provide guaranteed service dates.  Our team is usually available within 1-2 weeks depending on the time of year.  Once you book with our service our job dates are guaranteed.  We send email confirmation the day before and always show up on time.  No more wondering when your lawn and garden contractor is going to show up.

What is the process for scheduling lawn care services?

First you must identify the type of hedge that you want to trim.  This will dictate your ability to cut it back and how much of a reduction is necessary.  Some plants will endure a heavy cut and others need to be treated more delicately.  Once you know what plant you are dealing with, use sharp, well maintained trimming tools to cut the plant back.  You should cut the plant back to where it has space to grow for the next year.  Then you can maintain the hedge at that size each year and keep the plant healthy by not removing too much plant material.