What is Soil Aerating & Liming, Explained

What Are Aerating and Liming, Anyway?

If you asked most people outside of the lawn maintenance business what a lawn needs to grow, many would probably say: “fertilizer, water and mowing, right?” These are important, but they are not all that our lawns need to grow beautiful and strong. Lawncare is a science that needs to be handled effectively to produce the gorgeous grasses that we all desire. Here in Vancouver, we know that our lawns need a little bit more. Our climate demands that we give extra care to our turf.  This means we need to know the science behind it to insure success.

Our lawns do need regular fertilizing and watering. They need to be mowed regularly as well, but lawns also need aeration and liming. These two processes are essential to maintain healthy soil for turf to thrive. These two processes are explained below to you here to help you make the most of your lawn and all the benefits that it brings you.

Aerating Soil

Aerating the soil is extremely important to the health and maintenance of your grass. Winter and spring rains compact soil, creating a surface layer that is extremely hard for grass roots to penetrate. Aerating the soil opens passageways in the soil to allow air and nutrients better access to the root zone.  This process involves mechanically removing cores (small plugs of grass) from the entire lawn area with a heavy machine.   Aerating also improves drainage  and cuts down on the growth of moss and thatch.  For best results grass should be done in the  spring and in the fall.  Directly after core aeration is a great time to top dress the lawns with sand or a turf blend topsoil.  After removing cores by aerating, rake them out and fill the holes with ¼” of sand. The sand will keep the holes open and allow improve the soil structure to allow better drainage and reduce compaction in the future.

Soil Liming

This step is essential in our area.  In Vancouver, mother nature is constantly trying to acidify the soil.  Grass has a hard time in soil like this, but moss is encouraged to grow! Adding lime to your soils chemical makeup will help get your pH levels back to where they should be for your lawns over-all health. Be careful where you lime as our lawns need it but some plants and flowers require a more acidic soil. It is important to know your plants and what they require.

Vancouver Aerating and Liming Specialists

You can call on us at Westcoast Lawns to help you with all your gardening and lawn care needs. Visit our website at www.westcoastlawns.ca, to get our help to insure your lawns and landscaping is beautiful and healthy year after year and in every season of your life.

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