Winterizing Gardens in Vancouver

Winterizing gardens in Vancouver is an important part of fall maintenance.  There are many tasks to organize gardens to protect them from the winter.  It is also important that this work gets done before the bad weather sets in.  With freezing temperatures, some plants can be vulnerable to frost damage and physically breaking from snow loads.

As you are going through your garden cleaning up leaves and cutting things back for the season, it is an excellent time to look for pests and diseases that may have turned up over the year.  If any of these are identified you can look at treating them or removing them from the garden before they develop further.  Also, it is important to look for plants that may have grown beyond their own ability to support themselves structurally.  We see this every winter with trees, hedges and large shrubs that have not had proper trimming maintenance performed in the fall.  These plants are left vulnerable to the weight of snow and strength of winter winds.  Woody trunks and stems can snap and suddenly you are replacing plants next spring.

Winterizing gardens can mean special protection for particular plants.  Some tropical species, such as bananas, would benefit from adding protective enclosures made of plastic or burlap.  These plants do not have to endure cold temperatures in their native environment so we have to do some extra work if they are installed in conditions they are not used to.

It is also an excellent time of year to transplant shrubs that have outgrown their space in the garden.  During the cool fall months, it is much less stressful on a pant to dig it up and move it to a different location in the garden.  Plants are not actively growing further foliage for the year and the transplanted shrub has time for the roots to slowly take hold and re grow in its new location.  Look for plants that are being crowded out by others or possibly ones that are constantly growing into pedestrian or vehicle traffic ways.  These might benefit from being moved to an area of the garden where they can have their own space.  You can also solve problems like moving plants into sunnier areas or away from soil conditions they are not enjoying.  “Right plant, Right Place” is a mantra to keep in mind as you organize and setup for next season.

West Coast Lawns and Gardens can help with winterizing gardens as well as other work that piles up in the fall.  Our horticulture staff has the knowledge and experience to take care of the basic requirements of your garden and provide advice on setting it up better for the future.  Give us a call today so we can get you on our list of people who want to ditch the worry of going out in the cold and the rain to rake leaves.  We will take care of everything so you are set up through the winter and there is way less work to do in the spring!

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